I have spent almost 50  years doing research on all who have carried the name Manross.  My goal in building this website is to answer the longstanding question about the origin of the name and to present the actual Manross Family History in an interesting format.  The Manross family has been in America for twelve generations, dating back to the mid 1600s.  Of these twelve generations all but two have lived in multiple states.  You will find this website filled with stories of their love of family and  country and their  contributions to our nation.

​Feel free to contact me at any time if you feel a correction needs to be made or if there has been an omission.  As a companion piece to this website, I have a family tree on ancestry.com with 14,000+ individuals who connect to our family.  So if you fail to find a reference to a particular individual in this website I can likely be of assistance.  Sit back and enjoy the Manross Family.


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​I would like to thank many of those who helped in the research of the Manross Family.  The list is incomplete and will be expanded.

​Col. Fred Manross

Marilyn Radosevic

Pennie Maclean

Ken Knight

​Virginia Monroe

Bob Manross

​Robert Manross

​Evelyn Crippen DAR

​Joanna and Deac Manross

​John, Audrey, and Lural Manross

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