The ancestral journey from Ireland

The Manross Family Genealogy is extremely well documented from the 1600's to the present.  

The family  tree is comprised of more than 14,000 individuals and continues to grow.  Our family

tree is titled The Complete Manross Family and you can find it on ancestry.com

The spelling of our name has evolved since our very first ancestor in America, Denis, set foot in

Maine  (first documented in 1675).  Denis, an Irish fisherman, could not read or write English when

he arrived.  Others would have to write on his behalf.  Based on the individual's translation of his

heavy Irish brogue, the surname is spelled numerous ways.  Denis would sign the document with

just a mark, which was very common in those days.

Why did Denis leave Ireland in the mid 1600's?  A review of Irish History shows that during this

period there were ongoing attacks by British General Oliver Cromwell and there was heavy

persecution of the Irish.  Many young fishermen left Ireland to seek a new life in America at that

time.  A number of them went to Newfoundland, Canada before settling in Maine.

David T. Robertson is a well respected author of the New England Historic Genealogical Society,

who I  have corresponded with multiple times.  He believes that Denis arrived even prior to the

1675 date and  was certainly an Irish Fisherman.  DNA testing by Family Tree DNA confirms our

Irish ancestry.  Our direct  link with Irish King Niall, 400 AD, is discussed in the next tab.  Robertson

states that our surname was originally Morrough.  The Morrough name is descended from the

ancient Irish name O'Murchadha.  Denis's surname evolved in Maine records in this sequence:

Morah, Morrough, Moroth, Meroth, Mauraugh, Maraugh, Munrough, Morough, Maroh, Mero,

Manraugh, Maross.